Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 8AM - 7.30PM. Alternating Sat: 8.30AM-2PM

Sean started Total Chiropractic in 2009, using his vast experience as a locum, creating a practice that utilises a wide variety of Chiropractic techniques, from manual therapies (adjustments), to low force techniques such as the drop piece, blocks or activator.

With over 13 years of chiropractic practical experience, he tailors treatment to every patients needs so as to provide safe, effective and gentle care. He finds treatment is most successful when people are treated as whole human beings, not as individual parts, and his work is focused on finding and treating the root causes. He aspires to assist everyone requiring care – from newborns to seniors, to achieve best possible results for all.

Sean graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology with a double degree in Chiropractic in 2003. 

Chiropractor, in private practice, and previously full-time locum practitioner.

Professional Achievements
Member of Chiropractic Australia (and COCA & CAA previously)

Chiropractic Qualifications

  Bachelor of Chiropractic Science, 2003.
  Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical Science), 2003.
  CEA Award for Clinical Excellence, 2003.


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