What is it ELBOW PAIN?

Elbow pain can occur with conditions such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, tendonitis, impingement syndrome or bursitis. Overuse mechanisms account for the majority of elbow complaints and can result in pain, stiffness or tenderness.

What causes ELBOW PAIN?

Typically the elbow is functionally challenged with repetitive type activities. However trauma or a gradual onset of pain may also be how your elbow pain starts.






How is ELBOW PAIN evaluated?

The elbow may be tender in certain places and the elbow ranges of motion can be assessed. Different elbow physical examination tests can be used to evaluate the elbow. If indicated imaging may be required.

What is the treatment for ELBOW PAIN?

The treatment and management is based on the specific elbow condition and the structures involved. A chiropractor, physiotherapy or osteopath can assess your elbow and advise on the best possible treatment.