What are Headaches?

A headache is any continuous pain in the head or face (and sometimes also includes pain in the upper neck). There are different types of headaches such as migraine, tension or cervicogenic.


headache-neck pain-prahran

What causes Headaches?

Headaches can be caused by many things such as inflammation, musculoskeletal system (referral from your back), hormonal, dehydration, medication/s, eye-site related (ie glasses), chemical or traumatic (sport injury or a motor vehicle accident).

How are Headaches evaluated?

It is important to get your headaches assessed, to rule out any potential serious causes of headache and to determine your best treatment. Assessment should be by a health profession who can go through your history, musculoskeletal and neurological examination. In some circumstances imaging referral may be required.

What is the treatment for Headaches?

Treatment depends on the cause of the headache. If the headache has a musculo-skeletal cause, a conservative approach of treatment with chiropractic or adjunctive therapies may produce results.

However if your headache is non-responsive to a trial of care, persistent, recurrent or accompanied with any other serious signs or symptoms, apart from seeking treatment above, you may also wish to consult your doctor who may provide further assessment, or prescribe medication/s (as a course of therapy), or recommend other treatment options.